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What services does All Buttoned Up provide?

We offer A-Z services - from design to installation of system(s) that will meet your unique needs: Closet Design, Decluttering, Downsizing, Professional Organizing, Space Planning, Closet Organization, Sports Equipment Storage, Bicycle Storage, Garage Storage, Garage Design, Custom Storage

What makes All Buttoned Up the team to hire?

In short we do everything, we visit your home, make a plan, purchase all the products, design and order the organizing system (s) and we install.  One call and you will have your organizational headache resolved in a timely and cost efficient manner.  Check out our reviews and see what our clients have to say.

How do I find out what I need?

Please contact us directly using the form online or call 408 355 8618 to set up an appointment.  Some consultations can be done over the phone if photos of the space can be provided.  Others require an in home consultation with client(s) present following all COVID-19 safety guidelines.

How do you organize?

As professionals we take great pride and care when sorting through your belongings.  First we will organize into groups of items and then we will take a first pass at items to Keep / Sell / Donate / Recycle or Trash.  If you wish to be hands on, we will work through this together, if you are using our services to do this we will leave clearly marked cartons for you to go through as homework.  This process is repeated as needed.  For example, we check if items are in working order or not, we group and say you have 5 of same item we will recommend you keep 3 and donate 2 and so on.

How do unwanted items get handled?

We try to find homes for items clients wish to part with, if you have a preferred charity please let us know, we believe that anything that can be reused should be.  If items need to be sold we will advertise and take 20% of proceeds, we ONLY provide this service during our time onsite.  If items can not be sold or donated we will arrange to have them collected by the city recycling program (Free - if San Jose resident) or will work with haulage partners, the rates of this are variable but we have negotiated preferential rates with several Bay area service providers. 

We do not store nor haul items for clients, we can recommend local companies who offer these services, EVERYTHING we remove from your home will be donated.

If I have questions what do I do?

Please call or email us, there is no question too small to ask; often you’ll have more questions after you’ve looked through the projects on our website or received the SOW.  Call us 408 355 8618!  Thank you.

How do I know how much the project will cost?

After an initial consultation, All Buttoned up will provide a Statement of work (SOW) proposal which details estimate of labor and materials to complete the project.  All terms and conditions are outlined, including payment and cancellation policies.

I want to move ahead what happens next?

Please sign the SOW accepting the proposal.  All Buttoned Up will then work with you to agree date to begin the project(s).  If materials are to be ordered to complete the project a deposit will be required.

Do you offer Installation services?

Yes we do, we also work with third parties if you have a preferred resource.  Please note, if working with third parties scheduling may be adjusted.

I have confidential or electronic waste – what happens?

We will take these items to Red Dog Shred to have them professionally shredded / disposed of.  We take identity theft seriously.  Clients will be invoiced for the cost of disposal in the final invoice

What are the opening hours?

All Buttoned Up are available by appointment only.  Typically we work 5 hours a day as it is physical and, depending on the project, emotional work.  It is also tiring for clients to make decisions so we have learnt less is more!

If our project needs materials how does that work?

Depending on the project we may work with a third party to design the space, or All Buttoned Up will do the design.  We will take measurements and then provide a design that will be adjusted as needed.  It is an interactive process until design finalized.  All Buttoned up will collect all materials and this is part of the project cost, unless the SOW states Time and materials billing.

I have a preference on using my bins / labels/ totes is that possible?

Absolutely, as long as they are in good working order we will use them.

I don’t have time to handle the details of the project can you do it all?

Yes, in fact that is our specialty we do A-Z, we’ll work with you to agree the final project outcome and we’ll take care of the rest.  We will need you to do ‘homework’ but outside of that you can leave it in our hands.

Do you need access to my home?

It depends, if the project is in a garage or exterior space we need access only to that.  If the project is in the interior then yes we will need access to your home to complete the project.  We will leave your property as you left it, that is we will clean and vacuum at the end of each workday.  We will leave homework out for clients to complete but ensure the space is accessible and safe for children and pets.


I have valuables – what should I do?

Please remove these from the project site before the project begins.  All Buttoned Up (Lic # 2617744600) are not responsible for any loss or damage to property.

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